Bucharest, ROMANIA

Andrei Tiberiu Maria, known as Smiley, is one of the most prolific songwriters and producers in Romania, with a catalog of hits that stretches back over 20 years. He has written and. produced over 350 songs for Romanian artists such as Feli, Alex Velea, Delia, Doc, Sore, Jo, Nicole Cherry, Andra, Liviu Teodorescu, Lino Golden, and many more.

As a songwriter & producer with Award-winning producers in his arsenal of collaborators (Oak Felder, Sebastian Kole, Gary Go, Stephen Puth, James Newman, Wayne Hector, Morgan Connie Smith, Josh Record, Jin Jin, Ollie Green, Mabel, Anne Marie, Jordan Shaw, Rita Ora, Claudia Valentina, Edwin Serrano and many more) Smiley has a unique approach to crafting music that always seems to leave listeners wanting more.

Hit Songs